Capturing Voices, Measuring Progress

Te Wī Beach (research team), Lewis Whaitiri and Thomas Mitai gathering insights at Komiti Kaha 2023.

Te Mātātupu, the research team at Te Mātāwai, is excited to be making improvements to the Pre and Post Surveys, a data tool for reo revitalisation.   

Created in 2022, the surveys are sent out to whānau who participate in kaupapa that Te Mātāwai has supported so they can assess their progress before and after engaging with these reo Māori initiatives.   


Why do we do these surveys?  

By collecting this data directly from you, we are able to monitor and understand the combined impacts on language use. Surveys help us see the changes, big and small, that activate reo use as a result of people participating in the many diverse kaupapa we invest in, for example wānanga, reo classes or Kura Reo.   

Enhancing the Survey Experience  

We're now reviewing and changing our surveys in the coming months so they are shorter and more user-friendly and we hope this will help increase your response rate too.  He patipati nui.

By redesigning and simplifying the surveys, we aim to make the types of questions we ask more direct and to get answers that are more helpful for our analysis.  

Onward, Together  

We’re grateful to all whānau who have generously shared their voices through both the Pre and Post surveys. Your valuable input is helping shape future future focus on  Māori language revitalisation.  

He ako kia Mārama: kia mārama, kua ako