Te Tai Hau-ā-uru

Pae Motuhake Members.

Investment Plan 2022/2023

Kia ūkaipō anō te reo ki Te Taiuru.

Reo Māori within Te Taiuru will be restored as a nurturing first language.

Investment Priorities

  • Tuku Ihotanga – engages multiple generations in shared activity that is relevant and builds enthusiasm.
  • Tuakiri – promotes reo use that strengthens identity of Mana Whenua and/or the shared group identity. 
  • Whāinga Roa – clearly identifies long-term reo goals (>10 years) and has well structured stages of development.
  • Rumaki – establishes reo immersion domains or has plans to increase proficiency to achieve full immersion. 
  • Areare – enables people to access immersion spaces, to become involved and gain passion for reo use
  • Tūhono – gives support to networks of reo initiatives sharing information, support and new insights.
  • Mārama Pū – commits to regular language planning training and development to grow community leadership.

Intended Outcomes

  • increased reo use in the home by whānau
  • increased reo use in daily life by community
  • increased daily reo settings are accessible to community
  • more reo immersion domains are run with reo plans
  • increased community-based reo leaders
  • enhanced use of identity-based reo

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Te Mātāuru ki te Tai Hau-ā-uru.
Te Mātāuru ki te Tai Hau-ā-uru

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