Our Vision and Strategy

Our vision

Kia Ūkaipō anō te Reo is our vision to restore the Māori language as a nurturing first language for our tamariki and mokopuna. 

To realise this vision, we want to see two high-level outcomes in homes and communities:

  • Tuakiri – use of the Māori language in kāinga, hapori and iwi enhances local identity and community cohesion.
  • Whakatupuranga – whānau are supported to re-establish and maintain the Māori language as a first language.

Confident and connected Māori language-speaking whānau and communities who are secure in their cultural identity are essential to the overall wellbeing of whānau. 

Te Whare o te Reo Mauriora

"Kia mauriora te reo Māori"

Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016 (external link)set a new approach for revitalisation, one where Te Mātāwai, on behalf of iwi and Māori provides leadership within Te Whare o te Reo Mauriora. Te Whare o te Reo Mauriora is a conceptual framework that reflects how iwi and Māori and the Crown work in partnership to revitalise the Māori language.


Maihi Māori Strategy

Te Mātāwai is responsible for leading the Maihi Māori, the Māori language strategy for iwi and Māori, and advising on the Maihi Karauna, the government’s Māori language strategy. The Maihi Karauna strategy is led by crown agencies.

By 2040, we intend to be able to state that:

a) One million people or more are using Māori language in community immersion domains.

b) The Māori language has become the first language of 25 percent of all Māori children (aged up to seven years old).


Download Maihi Māori strategy (Te Reo Māori) [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Download Maihi Māori strategy (English) [PDF, 636 KB]

Our Role

"Kia ūkaipō anō te reo"

  1. Work in partnership with the Crown to revitalise the Māori language.
  2. Represent iwi and Māori, through our unique Board model and our Pae Motuhake, in their role as Kaitiaki of the Māori language.
  3. Empower iwi and Māori to lead Māori language revitalisation within their homes and communities.
  4. Inform and invest in whānau, hapori and iwi to restore the Māori language as the nurturing first language of the home.

Our Impact

Kāinga, hapori and iwi are at the centre of everything we do because it is in those spaces that language revitalisation happens. For this reason, we are working to support and enable the conditions for our whānau and communities to lead their language journeys, to extend their language networks and collaborations for solutions that fit their whānau and community.

Our Focus

From 2021-2024, Te Mātāwai prioritises Māori language in kāinga, hapori and iwi because this is where revitalisation thrives.

We will focus our efforts on five outcome areas that we believe will make a difference.

  1. Whānau Wellbeing / Oranga o te Whānau:more whānau feeling confident in navigating their own Māori language journey
  2. Immersion Domains / Rumaki:whānau have increased access to bilingual and immersion domains throughout Aotearoa
  3. Intergenerational Transmission / Reo Tuku Iho:more whānau have increased their daily use of Māori language across generations
  4. Reo Movements ­/ Kōkiritanga Reo: increased number of whānau connected to movements where Māori language and identity is promoted and enhanced
  5. Iwi Identity / Tuakiri: whānau have an improved sense of iwi identity when Māori language is visible and valued at a local and national level

For more information on our priorities, download a copy of our Statement of Intent 2021-2024 [PDF, 4.7 MB](external link).