Te Tai Rāwhiti

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Tukuna te reo kia rere noa!
This vision depicts the flight of manu and acknowledges that Te Tai Rāwhiti iwi
share common historical references to manu.   
Tukuna te reo kia rere noa!

What is the Te Tai Rāwhiti Investment plan?

The Te Tai Rāwhiti Investment Plan 2018-2019 is the plan for how Te Mātāwai will be investing in te reo Māori revitalisation within the Te Tai Rāwhiti region on behalf of the iwi as prescribed in the Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori Act 2016.

How was the plan developed?

The Te Tai Rāwhiti Investment Plan was developed by a core group of te reo Māori advocates from within the Te Tai Rāwhiti region. The plan aligns with the Maihi Māori Strategy 2017-2040 with an overall vision to restore te reo Māori as a nurturing first language in homes and communities.

Who is responsible for the Te Tai Rāwhiti Investment Plan 2018-2019?

Te Pae Motuhake mō Te Tai Rāwhiti, representing iwi and Māori, is responsible for the plan and they will monitor the plan alongside Te Mātāwai. All Māori language stakeholders within Te Tai Rāwhiti and iwi listed in the Te Tai Rāwhiti cluster of iwi in “the Act” have a direct interest and responsibility in the implementation of the plan.

How much is this total fund for Te Tai Rāwhiti?

The Te Tai Rāwhiti Pae Motuhake will look to invest its entire appropriation of $1.08 million and make recommendations to the full Board of Te Mātāwai for approval.  Investments will be split between a focus on Engaging (language planning) in Te Tai Rāwhiti reo revitalisation and Using (Immersion domains) te reo Māori along with unique Te Tai Rāwhiti dialectual variations.  There will be a focus on supporting ahikā reo revitalisation activities.

Who are the members of Te Tai Rāwhiti Investment Cluster Panel?

Ataneta Paewai (Rangitāne)
Phil Heeney (Ngāti Porou)
Mātai Smith (Ngāi Tāmanuhiri)
Ruth Smith (Te Aitanga-ā-Mahaki)
Kathryn (Bub) Te Kurapa (Rongowhakaata)
Phillecity Ngarangione (Ngāti Rākaipaaka)

What do we want?

Te Pae Motuhake mō Te Tai Rāwhiti will ensure that this plan represents:
Connectedness, collaboration, integration and participation across the wider region and within all parts of Te Tai Rāwhiti communities.  

Te Pae Motuhake mō Te Tai Rāwhiti will also ensure that this plan encourages:
Innovation, inspiration and motivation, retention and growth in reo ā-iwi, identity – iwi and Māori and to celebrate who we are and our language.

What are the priorities for investment?

Providing information and awareness about Māori language
Developing ways in which to support iwi language revitalisation plans
Developing ways to ensure iwi language revitalisation initiatives meet the needs of marae, hapū and communities
Māori language use and transmission in homes. Including parents, children and grandparents.

What are the key investment areas?

1) Whiua te reo! Investing in opportunities to engage in te reo.
This is about prioritising initiatives, activities, events and resources that focus on engaging people who are at the Pou Kaiāwha stage of their language journey.
So our aim here is to: Capture, Recruit and Conscientise  

2) Te reo kia rere!
Investing in opportunities to use te reo. This is about procuring initiatives, activities, events and resources that focus on providing Māori language usage opportunities for those at the Pou Tuarongo and Pou Tokomanawa stages.
So we will: Convert, Retain and Normalise te reo Māori.

How will this be achieved?

By targeting:
Populations: Whānau, speakers and tamariki
• Locations: 1,000 kāinga kōreroreo.  Marae: Paepae, karanga, kāuta & hapori
Kaupapa: Interactions between kaumātua/mātua and tamaiti/tamariki.  Iwi: dialect, forms and variants

What will we see?

- Increases in Māori language speaking homes;
- Kaupapa kōrerorero – events that showcase iwi/hapū/marae reo;
- Existing and proven pathways to language use are increased;
- Inspirers are recognised and this group is retained and grown;
- Support is provided to language leaders and champions;
- Increases in numbers of new initiatives;
- Increase in numbers across the three Pou: Pou Kaiāwhā, Pou Tokomanawa, Pou Tuarongo

What investments were procured in the 2017-2018 investment round?

Organisations                                                Total Investment Amount
Ipurangi Developments Limited                                        $20,000
Mahi Kāinga Limited                                                         $25,000
Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust                                            $80,000
Ngāti Hinemanu Ngāti Paki Heritage Trust                      $25,000
Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated                                  $150,000
Ngāti Kahungunu ki Tāmaki-nui-a-Rua                            $80,000
Ngā Uri o Te Kooti Rikirangi Settlement Trust                  $48,000
Rangitāne o Tamaki-Nui-A-Rua Incorporated                  $100,000
Rakatauri Productions Limited                                         $7,000
Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust                                                 $90,000
Takitimu Performing Arts School Trust                             $18,000
Tamanuhiri Tutu Poroporo Trust                                       $80,000
Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti Centre of Excellence Trust               $17,525
Te Aitanga-ā-Mahaki Trust                                               $58,120
Te Haahi Ringatu ki Te Tai Rāwhiti                                   $13,000
Te Kura Motuhake o Te Ataarangi                                   $74,017
Te Kurawānanga o Kawakawa mai Tāwhiti                     $50,000
Te Riu o Waiapu Trust                                                     $20,000
Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga Trust                                   $80,000
Tuhoe ki te Matau Incorporated                                       $20,000

Individuals                                                     Total Investment Amount
Kathryn Te Kurapa                                                           $14,388
Tiwana Aranui                                                                  $10,000

2017 reo initiatives and activities

Ngāti Kahungunu: Kura reo, awards language, symposium revitalization, forums & vocabulary, research dialectual variations, social media resources and productions in te reo (Whakaahuatanga),  

Ngāti Porou: Porou Ariki wānanga, Te Ataarangi, marae, language leadership strategy, hapū, marae, iwi dialect courses & courses.  

Te Aitanga-ā-Mahaki: Te Whare Korero o Māhaki, Te Ohonga Reo Strategy, Eco Warriors, Eco Revitalization & kura pō.  

Ngāi Tāmanuhiri: Wānanga Reo, hīkoi & Tāmanuhiri Day.

Rongowhakaata: Te Papa Exhibition, wānanga: reo & tikanga, whaikorero & karanga.

Rākaipaaka: Te Ataarangi kura po, pā haka & maurākau, reo & whakapapa wānanga

Rangitāne:  Rangitāne Tāngata Reo Strategy, working with Tāmaki Nui a Rua to focus on language in homes and marae, marae & hapū wānanga, whānau reo resource development & learning pods & youth wānanga.