Step 1: Registration:
What you need to know to register.

Step 1:  Registration


Step 2:  Project/initiate

Applications to be completed

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Step 3: Applications

Submit your completed online application form.

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Step 4: Assessment

Applications are assessed by the Pae Motuhake

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Step 5: Decisions

Applications are approved by the Te Mātāwai Board

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Mahi 6 | Step 6: 

Ka tae atu he kōrero ki ngā kaitono katoa

All Applicants are notified

When and where do you register?

You can register at any time. We encourage you to register before an investment round opens as you will receive important notifications.
To begin registration, go to our web based funding management system Te Mātāpuna.

Once there, you can register as an individual or organisation. You need to have contact details (physical address, phone, email and primary contacts (with contact details) and be able to list your iwi and/or sector/cluster affiliation.
You will also need the following information available for your online registration.

For an individual, you will need:
1) Personal details.
2) Your GST Registration Number (if you are GST registered).
3) Proof of identity (NZ passport - can be current or expired within the last 2 years, but cannot be cancelled, defaced or damaged; NZ Certificate of Identity; NZ Drivers Licence).
4) At least two referees (you will need to provide contact details and a letter of endorsement from each referee).

For any organisation, you will need:
1) The organisation’s contact details (including a primary and secondary contact person)
2) The organisation’s GST Registration Number (if GST registered)
3) Depending on the type of organisation:
3.1) If it is a limited liability company, you will need: company number, New Zealand Business Number, and any legal documentation (optional).
3.2) If it is a trust or incorporated society, you will need: New Zealand Business Number (if applicable), Charity Number (if applicable), and any legal documentation (optional).
3.3) If it is a partnership, you will need: the names of the partners, and legal documentation.
3.4) If it falls into the other category, you will need: to specify the type of organisation, and we will contact you following submission to get more details about the structure. You may also upload any legal documentation.
4) - The contact details for the organisation’s legal representation (if applicable).
5) The contact details for the organisation’s auditor, if the organisation has a set of audited accounts.
6) The organisation’s undisclosed liabilities (this can be a copy of the latest audited accounts, a letter from your accountant, and/or confirmation from you that the organisation has no disclosed liabilities).
7) At least two referees (you will need to provide contact details and a letter of endorsement from each referee).

Who can Register

For the seven Kāhui ā-Iwi, you need to affiliate to the iwi listed within that iwi cluster as prescribed for in Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016.

Why should we register?

Only those who are registered providers in Te Mātāpuna can apply to an investment round through Te Mātāwai.  Once you are registered, you will also be provided with access to the application process and information about the opening and closing of investment rounds.

Frequently ask questions

What is an undisclosed liabilities file?

This can be one of the following:
• a copy of your recent audited accounts or financial statements, or
• a written statement from your accountant or the organisation confirming that there are no undisclosed liabilities

What are References?

Relevant references can be from any individual, organisation, or rōpū who you have worked with (or currently working) on any kaupapa Māori driven projects, reo Māori or community focused.

What is required for individual references?

For individuals, the endorsement letter uploads can be in the form of a signed endorsement letter or an email from the referees.

Proof of identity for individuals?

This must be one of the following listed documents and for those with photo identification, your photo and information must clearly be shown.
• NZ passport - can be current or expired within the last 2 years, but cannot be cancelled, defaced or damaged.
• NZ Certificate of Identity
• NZ Drivers Licence

Please note only registrations submitted and approved can apply to an open round through Te Mātāpuna.