Research Project

Te Mātāwai Research RFPs due 29 April 2019

Te Mātāwai is requesting proposals for two projects from its research arm, Te Mātātupu. The projects are part of our strategic agenda to build the knowledge and evidence base to support te reo Māori revitalisation in whānau and communities, and in this case to evaluate the implementation of the Te Mātāuru investment model through a formative evaluation and outcomes wānanga.

The two projects are as follows.

RE18/02  Outcomes Wānanga    Evaluation  $240,000
RE18/03  Formative Evaluation  Evaluation  $500,000

You can find individual RFP documentation describing the scope of each project by clicking on the project title. All applications for these projects must be submitted using the Response Form here.

Please make sure you complete the Response Form and send it along with any necessary supporting documentation to us electronically at rangahau@tematawai.maori.nz by 3pm, 29 April 2019. We will not accept hard copy applications.

Te Mātāwai was established by Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016 (“Te Ture”) in April 2016.  

Te Ture confirms:
• Te Mātāwai as an independent statutory entity that provides leadership on behalf of iwi and Māori in their role as kaitiaki of the Māori language; and

• provides for Te Mātāwai and the Crown to develop Māori language strategies to support the revitalisation of the Māori language, by promoting an increase in the number of people speaking the Māori language and improving their fluency in that language.

Te Mātāwai launches survey to develop a free database of te reo Māori revitalisation activities and resources

Te Mātāwai is asking people who have organised, participated in, or funded activities or developed resources to support te reo Māori revitalisation to complete an online survey about their efforts. Information gathered in the survey, He Reo Ora, will be used to create a free database.

Te Mātāwai, the independent statutory entity that is charged with supporting te reo Māori revitalisation in homes and communities on behalf of iwi, Māori and Māori language communities, has commissioned the New Zealand Council of Educational Research
to develop the online survey as part of a wider Māori language revitalisation
research programme.

“Our vision is
that te reo Māori is restored as a nurturing first language in homes and
communities, and so it is important that Te Mātāwai has the information to
share and be informed by, our iwi and sector leaders working with whānau,” says
Te Atarangi Whiu, Tumu Whakarae of Te Mātāwai.

“The language activities and resources people are organising and developing for themselves,
their whānau, and their communities play an important part in restoring the language,” says Ms Whiu.  “The He Reo Ora
online survey will help us get the big picture of these initiatives from all over the country.”

To ensure as much information is collected as possible, Te Wāhanga–NZCER has written to rūnanga, local councils, the regional and sector stakeholders affiliated to Te Mātāwai, and national
organisations introducing He Reo Ora and asking for their support.

The link to the He Reo Ora survey is being shared on social media, and will be open until the 6th of April 2018.