Step 5: Decisions:
How are investment decisions made?

Step 1:  Registration


Step 2:  Project/initiate

Applications to be completed

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Step 3: Applications

Submit your completed online application form.

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Step 4: Assessment

Applications are assessed by the Pae Motuhake

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Step 5: Decisions

Applications are approved by the Te Mātāwai Board

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Mahi 6 | Step 6: 

Ka tae atu he kōrero ki ngā kaitono katoa

All Applicants are notified

The Board of Te Mātāwai make all investment decisions. All kaitono will be notified via Te Mātāpuna after the decision-making process to let you know of the outcome of your application.

What happens after my application is successful?

Once an application is approved an Investment Advisor will work with you and will go through the next phase:
• Letter of offer
• Funding Agreement process (what will you report on and when)

Prior to the funding agreement being accepted there may be conditions that need to be met. These will be discussed with you so that you understand what must be completed and the timing to do this. Te Mātāwai will then advise you when the condition has been met.

What will a funding agreement set out?

When you receive Te Mātāuru funding, you will be asked to submit milestone report(s) on the initiatives outcomes from the date you receive funding and we keep in touch throughout your journey and can assist as needed.

For more information and support

Email an investment advisor support@tematawai.maori.nz or phone 0225289085

Guide/Checklist to completing an application

• Register within Te Mātāpuna as a registered provider (either an individual or organisation).  This is about you: who is the applicant; legal status; references for an individual; financial and organisational information.

• About your initiative:  Describe it in full, what you want to do and why; what the milestones (the results and how you expect to see these through the project life and when these will be achieve?).

• Initiative budget:  details of income, project costs (details and breakdown of costs per activity/participant); and what you are seeking

• Initiative risks: use the template provided and complete this noting the key risks and who and how these will be managed

• Declaration: make sure the application is signed by an authorised person