Step 2: Project/Initiative:
What you need before making an application?

Step 1:  Registration


Step 2:  Project/initiate

Applications to be completed

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Step 3: Applications

Submit your completed online application form.

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Step 4: Assessment

Applications are assessed by the Pae Motuhake

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Step 5: Decisions

Applications are approved by the Te Mātāwai Board

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Mahi 6 | Step 6: 

Ka tae atu he kōrero ki ngā kaitono katoa

All Applicants are notified

Before you make an application to Te Mātāuru, you must be able to demonstrate alignment through what you are proposing to deliver with your Cluster’s investment plan.
The Investment plan provides the priorities and what you will need to demonstrate.

• Check your project/initiative aligns to the investment priorities: see the Investment Plan for your Te Mātāwai Cluster
• Scope the project.
• Create your budget.

What do I need to prepare to make an application?

For each application we need to know:
• What you want to do and who will benefit: tell us about them, who they are
• Who will be involved
• When it will happen
• What the outcomes will be – these are the outcomes we’ll ask you to report back on once the project is completed – i.e. what do you hope to see and how will you know your initiative has been successful
• A realistic budget: including income, costs and what you are seeking from Te Mātāwai
• How will you run the project and what are the risks and issues
• All proposals from $100,000 (over $99,999) must provide a full business case

What cannot be funded?

• Activities that do not relate to te reo revitalisation or do not align with the Cluster's Annual Investment Plan
• Any activity that has been fully funded or is currently in receipt of full funding
• Capital items such as buildings and vehicles
• Any expenditure or costs incurred before the funding agreement is signed
• Projects that are, or should be, funding by other sources
• Existing debts
• Legal costs
• International travel

How much can I apply for?

Applications will vary and depend on the initiative you have in mind.  While there is no limit to how much you can apply for, you must be able to demonstrate value for money and what evidence/support you have based on the size of your project. If your project is large and complex, then you will need to provide information consistent with a business case.

Who can apply?

Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016 provides guidance on who may apply for investment funding under the seven Iwi Clusters and the sectors cluster of Te Reo Tukutuku.  Applications can be considered by any person or organisation (registered) who affiliates to iwi and hapū within their respective Iwi Cluster. For the Te Reo Tukutuku Cluster applications can be considered by any person or organisation (registered) that affiliates to one of the four key stakeholder sectors Community, Media, Education and Urban Māori. Applicants do not have to be residing in their tribal areas but must be based in New Zealand.