Welcome to Te Māturu, a bilingual podcast series hosted by the staff of Te Mātawai.

Te Mātāwai, a regenerating source of water that cascades from the mountains and fills the springs and reservoirs of language - Tā Tāmati Reedy.

Te Māturu symbolises the flow of water from Te Mātāwai right throughout the land.

Te Māturu is a behind-the-scenes look at the work of Te Mātāwai to revitalise te reo Māori. We open the door into our world where every week is Māori language week and where every month is Mahuru Māori. In some episodes, you will get an inside look at the lives of te reo Māori advocates working alongside whānau, hapū and iwi to revitalise te reo Māori - and return it to our homes.

Where Te Mātāwai is the water source, the puna at the base of the maunga, Te Māturu is the trickle that moves from the water source down the valley to land on our whenua before it is then carried by the breeze into your homes. Our base may be here in Wellington, but our heart is with you all in your communities and your homes.

So grab a cuppa and join us from your home to learn about how you can help bring our language back as your first nurturing language. If you are already there, then help us to keep that seat warm for everyone else!



004. Te Petihana reo Māori - He kōrero nā Tame Iti(external link)

003. Manawa ū ki te reo Māori - He kōrero nā Dr. Awanui Te Huia(external link)

002. Te Mātāuru Part 1 - Te Mātāwai Investment Programme(external link)

001. Te Mātātupu - Te Mātāwai Research, Evaluation and Insights Team(external link)


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