Kia Ūkaipō Anō Te Reo

The language is restored as a nurturing first language

It takes only one generation to lose a language but three generations to gain it back.

Te Mātāwai invests in Māori-led activities that revitalise te Reo Māori for kāinga, hapori and iwi.

Kia ūkaipō anō te Reo is our vision to restore our mother tongue to our homes, to our families and to our daily lives. This Maihi Māori language strategy was developed by and for kāinga, hapori, iwi, hapū and whānau to enable Māori to lead and deliver our own revitalisation initiatives.

Kia ūkaipō anō te Reo is an appeal to Māori everywhere to join the te Reo revitalisation movement and make a difference - to your kāinga, hapori, whānau, hapū and iwi. In nurturing our language in our homes and with our whānau we are strengthening who we are as Māori and improving our well-being.


Speaking and celebrating te Reo in our communities and in our daily lives wherever we are will normalise te Reo Māori. Nurturing it in its own environment then allows it to be natural.

Raising our tamariki and our mokopuna in te Reo as their first nurturing language honours the memory of our ancestors and helps to restore the dignity of our language.